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Congratulation from the Undersecretary of Foreign Relations of Mexico, Lic. Sergio González Gálvez.
For the 15th Anniversary of the Academia Yuriko Kuronuma
May 16, 1995.

My most sincere congratulations to Professor Yuriko Kuronuma on the celebration of the 15th Anniversary of her Academy, which is dedicated to developing the musical capabilities of young Mexicans.

The homage that I wish to pay to Professor Yuriko Kuronuma in this Anniversary is for her priceless contribution through the work of the Academy and as an artist in the strengthening of the relationship between Mexico and Japan. This was recognized years ago when she was invested with the Aguila Azteca, the highest decoration awarded to a foreigner and which I had the honor of delivering in the ceremony in Tokyo, which was attended by the Japanese world of the arts, when I was still Ambassador of Mexico in Japan.

On this 15th Anniversary of the Academia Yuriko Kuronuma, I wish to express my recognition to the artist, to the teacher of generations of young Mexican violinists and to the great friend of Mexico, hoping that we continue having her support in the strengthening of the friendship between Mexico and Japan for many more years to come.